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Neuropsychology studies the effects of injury, damage or malfunctions in the structures of the central nervous system causes on cognitive, psychological, emotional and individual behavior processes.
Neuro-psychological testing, diagnosis and outcome with medical report.

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Osteopathy is an alternative medicine in which special attention to the structure and mechanical problems of the body sets. Osteopathic treatment is to treat dysfunctions, or hypermobility hypomobile to be found in the spine, joints, nervous system, muscular system, viscera, skull. Treatment depends on a full body assessment, the type of lesion and patient. No treatment is like another and must always follow a unique personal approach.

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Podiatry is the medical specialty dedicated to analyze, diagnose and treat several disorders associated with feet.
Chiropody and templates.
The most common podiatric treatments are: ingrown toenail (surgery and reeducation), fungus, warts, corrective insoles, splints, etc.

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Psychology is the science that studies the psychological functions such as attention, perception, memory, thinking, intelligence, language, and learning. It also deals with the emotions, and the emotions and sexuality; the evolutionary stages of human development, behavior, personality, vocation, work and social phenomena.

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Child and Adolescent Psychology, Group therapy

Child psychology with the study of the behavior of the child, from birth through adolescence. Thus, this branch of psychology focuses on the physical, motor, cognitive, perceptual, emotional and social.

The group therapy aims to develop in children or adolescents a more realistic and objective perception of themselves. It helps in the cooperation, socialization and development of empathy, assertiveness and self-image and, therefore, self-esteem. It is highly recommended to normalize situations or emotions. The child or adolescent observes that what he or she feels is also lived by the others attending to the group therapy.

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Global postural re-education

The global postural re-education technique is a physiotherapy method consisting of gentle progressive and global stretches of muscle chains. It allows to prevent, to improve and to solve many problems of the locomotive apparatus with a significant advantage over the classical methods. It’s applied by doctors. Column deformities and upper and lower limbs:

  • Painful spine pathology: herniae, sciatica, cervical pain…
  • Articular/tendon pathology: osteoarthritis, rheumatism…
  • Neurological symptoms of mechanical origin: migraines, dizziness…
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Suelo Pelvico

Pelvic floor

Female and male pelvic floor rehabilitation

In the presence of muscle weakness, the following conditions may present in men and women alike

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Biomechanical study

It is used to evaluate how a person walks and see if there is any alteration that needs to be corrected. It can help prevent muscle and osteoarticular injuries such as repeat sprains, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis. At every step the feet bear a pressure that equals three times the weight of the person, therefore it is essential to walk in a proper way. Hence the special importance and relevance of the biomechanical study of the march.

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