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Podiatry Laser

The use of laser has led to a breakthrough in treatment of onychomycosis (fungal nail infection) without medication or side effects. The treatment is safe, quick and painless. It is performed on all toenails (even if they are not affected) once a week, each session lasting 15 minutes. It takes between 4-5 sessions for their total elimination.

Ldo​.​ Jorge Aventin​
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Gynecological CO2 Laser

A new laser solution for the wellfare of the femimine intimate zone. Effective, safe, without risks or complications, it improves the quality of life of women in which the pregnancies, childbirths or menopause have left mark.

Treatments: urinary incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation and tightening, labiaplasty, genital bleaching, post-partum scars, vaginal atrophy or laxity…

Dra. Mirtha Zuñet


laser pell

CO2 Laser Dermatology

The fractional CO2 laser can be applied with two objectives:
Vaporize: warts, depigmentation, syringomas, flat angiomas, wrinkles, fibroids, scars, nevus, ruby spots…
Cutting: skin tumors, dermal cysts…
In both cases the tissue recovery is much faster than with the conventional system and also the lesion to be treated is measured exactly without increasing its diameter as happens with other systems used.

Dr. Daniel Morgado


Dr. Josep Riera


laser cara

Aesthetic Medicine CO2 Laser

The CO2 laser is the most revolutionary laser facial rejuvenation system in recent years. The facial resurfacing is a true facelift without surgery, in about one hour and without the complications of the surgery.

Treatments: wrinkles, flaccidity, marks, spots and acne scars. The result is a rejuvenated, tense, homogeneous and clean skin.

Dra. Gemma Marin
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Laser CO2 Urology

The possible uses of the laser are almost unlimited, becoming a very valuable tool within the field of urology. Among the many treatments we can talk about: urinary incontinence, phimosis or circumcision, condylomas or genital warts… In all cases the treatment is simple and effective, being the recovery much faster than with the traditional system.

Dr. Edgar Villavicencio
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Dr. Marco Franco


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